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New Releases today! It is an exciting week of releases for our Bluelight Miniatures range with new Police figure sets, packs of heads, weapons and bases all available from 15.00 today (16.00 for our European customers). Undercover officers, undercover support officers, firearms and heads will all be gracing our proverbial shelves later today.

100 Club A scheme that will echo in the halls of memory for some of our customers more established in the gaming market, however this allows you to pledge to purchase miniatures of interest. As soon as we reach 100 commitments to buy we we ask you to make payment for your commitments and start production of the models. Currently on the bench are: -French swat (GIGN/ GIPN/ RAID/ BRI) in full tactical gear. -French swat (GIGN/ GIPN/ RAID/ BRI) in low profile gear. -British unarmed police and police dogs.

Please note that we have a small challenge at the moment in that it is not possible to remove postage from these items, they will not affect larger orders as they 100 club items have no weight. But, if you add a pledge only basket and do not receive a postage refund within 48 hours drop us a line.

Picture Club Once a month we will select one member of our customer base, who has submitted photos to our customer gallery for a 10% discount across all items in the shop other than charity figures. Our first winner will be selected at the end of the month, so get painting and get submitting! The gallery can be found here.

Patch Exchange If you are a serving member of law enforcement or in a Blue Light service, globally this may be of particular interest. A number of customers have voluntarily sent us in unit patches of their parent police services from around the world. We have therefore set up the Wall of Honor to display the patches that we receive form customers (more to photograph but we had prioritsed the releases). If you believe that you have patches that you should like to contribute send us an email to confirm it isn't one that we already have en-route from a different customer and we will give you a 10% reduction off the store per patch (maximum of 40% reduction to be used in any one sale).

There is no doubt a lot more to tell you, but that is all for now folks! :)

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