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Good evening all, following the vote by our supporter we are pleased to announce our first charity figure to raise money for the funds established by the Ukrainian National Bank.

We (Anthalonica) are covering 100% of the sculpting and casting costs for the model, this means that 100% of the profit from the models will go to the funds cause.

We will make payments to the Ukrainian funds for as long as they stay open to receive donations; this payments will be weekly. Should the situation in the Ukraine deteriorate to an extent where the funds are no longer receiving donations we will send any funds raised to Ukrainian humanitarian and/or refugee charities.

So what are we making?

In conjunction with the Flytrap Factory of New Zealand we will in the first instance be producing a model of Ukrainian navy soldier Vitaly Skakun, who died in an explosion on the Henichesk bridge near Crimea. Skakun noted that the explosive devices on the bridge had malfunctioned, he was also aware that a large Russian column at the vanguard of their advance into Ukrainian territory was rapidly approaching the bridge, a natural choke point.

Vitaly is said to have told his unit members to get to safety, he then radioed his goodbyes prior to detonating the explosives manually. We are aware that there are many heroes, male, female, military and civilian within the conflict; we will therefore, if there is enough interest to justify us doing so, rather than making a direct donation, look to make other unique and limited edition figures to raise money for the Ukrainian armed forces and people of the Ukraine.

The figure will be a 28mm lead cast figure, with previews of the model to be released as soon as it is sculpted.


How can i support the cause?

There are a few options open to you:

  1. You can buy our figure for £5, or as many copies as you would like, through our webstore, here: This is a great way to show support, if you wish to buy more than one copy, simply add multiples to your basket.

  2. You can make additional donations and/or buy the model via bank transfer to the following account, this means that we will issue you a store voucher to redeem for the model, but that your donation is not hit by any deductions from paypal (iro. 10%).

Here are the GBP account details for the Anthalonica Wargaming Ukraine appeal account.

Account holder:Anthalonica Wargaming

Sort code: 23-14-70

Account number: 38389566


IBAN: GB45 TRWI 2314 7038 3895 66

Wise's address

56 Shoreditch High Street


E1 6JJ

United Kingdom

If you are US based:

Account holder: Anthalonica Wargaming

Routing number: 084009519

Account number: 9600002885430300

Account type: Checking

Wise's address: 19 W 24th Street, New York NY, 10010,United States.

If in the Eurozone:

Account holder: Anthalonica Wargaming


IBAN: BE51 9672 6862 2062

Wise's address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52

Brussels, 1050,Belgium

Payments directly into the above bank accounts just avoid the deduction of payment processing fees. We have preferential transfer fees so will combine the balances at our end before sending on.

You can make just as important a contribution by buying a model on our website directly and/or donating directly to the Ukrainian charities; no one should feel pressured to send money directly to our bank accounts.

3. You can make donations directly to one of the below:

Military Aid:

Humanitarian Aid:

What will I get and when?

If you order the model from our website and/or via bank transfer, you will receive a 28mm sculpture of Vitaly Skakun; please note that this is a pre-order miniature, we are dependent on the mail service between our sculptor in NZ and our casters in the UK. We would therefore tentatively anticipate that the models will ship in April. If you order other items at the same time as the charity figure, we will hold your order and ship all items at the same time once all parts are ready.

Some of our previous charity figures

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Last year some of you took part in our competition to win limited edition resin masters of our Police figures.

This year, we decided to try something more inclusive and wholesome. Presenting our competition to end all competitions. Four categories, with fun for everyone and a prize for everyone who enters!

This year our competition will run for 6 weeks from 00:01am Monday 1st November 2021 – 23:59 Sunday 12th December 2021.

To enter, email your submission and ensure you have liked and followed us on social media.

Please include your name, social media tag and the categories that you wish to enter. For scenarios please send files in either a word or pdf format.

We have four categories for people to enter this year:

1. Best police /ultramodern paint job –Pro Category.

2. Most unique police /ultra-modern paint job –Hobbyist Category.

3. Most creative Anthalonica themed terrain.

4. Best Royal Marines, Future Commando Force scenario.

So… the important bit… the prizes!

1st Prize

2nd Prize

All Entrants

Category 1

£100 cash prize for painting supplies.

£50 cash prize for painting supplies.

Category 2

A full set of the KS relases (Bronze) and a £50 voucher for our store.

A full set of the KS releases (Red) and a £30 voucher for our store.

A free copy of 'The Captain General' limited edition figure

Category 3

£100 voucher for model terrain.

£50 voucher for model terrain.

Category 4

​A full compliment of our RN releases.

A four figure set of your choice from the RN set.

The Detailed bits.

  • Only entrants emailed to before the deadline will be considered (no messenger or IG submissions).

  • By all means tag us on your pics of your submissions on Facebook and Instagram (#anthalonicawargaming, #Bluelightminiatures, #WarfighterMiniatures

  • There will be prizes for those who spread the word the most about the competition as well.

  • For the large figure prizes we will cover the shipping to your country, we do not accept responsability for import taxes associated with prizes, but high value prizes will be marked as gifts not purchases when shipping.

  • 'The Captain General' will be available for purchase from our store, all entrants to the competition will receive a redemption code to add a free model to their basket on the store.

  • You can enter as many categories as you meet the requirements for, with as many unique submissions. But you will only receive one free model code.

  • There are some wildcard prizes we will talk about as the competition progresses.

Below are the specific rules for the 4 categories, we reserve the right to tighten the rules if we suspect people are abusing the competition or misbehaving.


We have set up a special Discord channel within out group for people to share their progress, talk about their submissions and ideas and generally get involved.

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In just over 24 hours our first ever Kickstarter project will go live! Created in conjunction with the Flytrap Factory of New Zealand there are goodies galore in the Kickstarter. Initially adding four new units to our collection as well as a mountain of weapons and equipment for the converters amongst you it should be an exciting adventure. We have not one, but two completely Kickstarter exclusive miniatures that will be available as part of the standard pledges and free miniatures alongside most of our Stretch Goals, should we be lucky enough to unlock them.

Backers will be able to add our current Bluelight miniatures figures and headswap sets to their pledge at a considerable discount to current retail price. And... the Stretch Goals alone will give the opportunity for backers to unleash onto the table top another 59 figures (including zombies, unarmed officers, criminal groups and 20 Royal Marine and SBS figures). The initial four 'units' of figures that we will be working to produce through the Kickstarter are:

  1. An 8 man unit of French RAID (formerly GIPN)/ BRI officers. The initial unit takes the form of 6 figures in tactical kit and 2 in chest rigs, helmets and jeans.

  2. An 8 person team of Private Military contractors, designed for use as high-tech criminals and/or special forces operatives.

  3. An 8 person set of armed civilians, doppelgangers to our current civilian range.

  4. A 4 man team of Israeli Yamam (Counter-terrorist border police). Elite officers trained to deal with all manner of hostile actions these guys will pack a punch in any table top scuffle. The equipment for the team has been carefully selected to enable their wider use to represent many IDF and global special forces units, including the Indian Para SF made famous by the 2015 'Myanmar incident'.

The Kickstarter goes live at 18:00GMT tomorrow (31.03.2021) but you can follow the link below now to be notified the second it launches so that you don't miss a thing!

Still not convinced?

Check out the sneak peak of our Yamam team below and one of the PMC team members.

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