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Last year some of you took part in our competition to win limited edition resin masters of our Police figures.

This year, we decided to try something more inclusive and wholesome. Presenting our competition to end all competitions. Four categories, with fun for everyone and a prize for everyone who enters!

This year our competition will run for 6 weeks from 00:01am Monday 1st November 2021 – 23:59 Sunday 12th December 2021.

To enter, email your submission and ensure you have liked and followed us on social media.

Please include your name, social media tag and the categories that you wish to enter. For scenarios please send files in either a word or pdf format.

We have four categories for people to enter this year:

1. Best police /ultramodern paint job –Pro Category.

2. Most unique police /ultra-modern paint job –Hobbyist Category.

3. Most creative Anthalonica themed terrain.

4. Best Royal Marines, Future Commando Force scenario.

So… the important bit… the prizes!

1st Prize

2nd Prize

All Entrants

Category 1

£100 cash prize for painting supplies.

£50 cash prize for painting supplies.

Category 2

A full set of the KS relases (Bronze) and a £50 voucher for our store.

A full set of the KS releases (Red) and a £30 voucher for our store.

A free copy of 'The Captain General' limited edition figure

Category 3

£100 voucher for model terrain.

£50 voucher for model terrain.

Category 4

​A full compliment of our RN releases.

A four figure set of your choice from the RN set.

The Detailed bits.

  • Only entrants emailed to before the deadline will be considered (no messenger or IG submissions).

  • By all means tag us on your pics of your submissions on Facebook and Instagram (#anthalonicawargaming, #Bluelightminiatures, #WarfighterMiniatures

  • There will be prizes for those who spread the word the most about the competition as well.

  • For the large figure prizes we will cover the shipping to your country, we do not accept responsability for import taxes associated with prizes, but high value prizes will be marked as gifts not purchases when shipping.

  • 'The Captain General' will be available for purchase from our store, all entrants to the competition will receive a redemption code to add a free model to their basket on the store.

  • You can enter as many categories as you meet the requirements for, with as many unique submissions. But you will only receive one free model code.

  • There are some wildcard prizes we will talk about as the competition progresses.

Below are the specific rules for the 4 categories, we reserve the right to tighten the rules if we suspect people are abusing the competition or misbehaving.


We have set up a special Discord channel within out group for people to share their progress, talk about their submissions and ideas and generally get involved.

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