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15mm DEVGRU open for Pre-orders

Our long anticipated 15mm Navy seals are now open for pre-order! Available here.

The figures are sold in 12 man sets (2 full teams of 6 operators) and should (postage allowing) be shipping at the end of December. This first set of SF operators are designed to represent USSF operators but would suit a variety of cutting edge fighting forces.

As a special Christmas gift for any of you would be tabletop generals, we will (for the duration of the pre-orders) also cover any increase in postage applied between purchase and postage by the infamous Brexit.



Below is a wee preview of the first three figures from our 8 man SBS team landing in Q1 2021. These guys are beautifully sculpted by Anton Ducrot from Flytrap Factory and would be at home on any temperate to hot dry battlefield environments.


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