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Kickstarter Coming -Bobbies, Baddies and Bootnecks

In just over 24 hours our first ever Kickstarter project will go live! Created in conjunction with the Flytrap Factory of New Zealand there are goodies galore in the Kickstarter. Initially adding four new units to our collection as well as a mountain of weapons and equipment for the converters amongst you it should be an exciting adventure. We have not one, but two completely Kickstarter exclusive miniatures that will be available as part of the standard pledges and free miniatures alongside most of our Stretch Goals, should we be lucky enough to unlock them.

Backers will be able to add our current Bluelight miniatures figures and headswap sets to their pledge at a considerable discount to current retail price. And... the Stretch Goals alone will give the opportunity for backers to unleash onto the table top another 59 figures (including zombies, unarmed officers, criminal groups and 20 Royal Marine and SBS figures). The initial four 'units' of figures that we will be working to produce through the Kickstarter are:

  1. An 8 man unit of French RAID (formerly GIPN)/ BRI officers. The initial unit takes the form of 6 figures in tactical kit and 2 in chest rigs, helmets and jeans.

  2. An 8 person team of Private Military contractors, designed for use as high-tech criminals and/or special forces operatives.

  3. An 8 person set of armed civilians, doppelgangers to our current civilian range.

  4. A 4 man team of Israeli Yamam (Counter-terrorist border police). Elite officers trained to deal with all manner of hostile actions these guys will pack a punch in any table top scuffle. The equipment for the team has been carefully selected to enable their wider use to represent many IDF and global special forces units, including the Indian Para SF made famous by the 2015 'Myanmar incident'.

The Kickstarter goes live at 18:00GMT tomorrow (31.03.2021) but you can follow the link below now to be notified the second it launches so that you don't miss a thing!

Still not convinced?

Check out the sneak peak of our Yamam team below and one of the PMC team members.

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