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Bluelight Miniatures

The Bluelight Miniatures range is our flagship model range focused around modern Bluelight services and global crime. The Wave 1 releases for the range contain a wide variety of beautifully sculpted British-centric figures.

The initial release includes: Authorised Firearms Officers; Undercover Assets; National Criminal Agency Officers; and Civilians.

Our range is carefully researched in conjunction with both former and serving law enforcement officers and features an exciting selection of dynamic, lifelike characters; each figure inspired by and modeled on real people.

The range also includes a variety of firearms that will also be available for separate purchase, to cater for the avid green stuff converters out there!

Below is a selection of some of the models that we have already released previews of... but don't worry there are many more to come including two limited production charity figures that will be sold to raise money for the 'Thin Blue Line UK' charity.

For all the latest updates, previews and offers, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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