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The Anthalonican Defense Force; comprises of three core elements: The Land force; Air Wing and Maritime Squadron. The defense force has a total roster of approximately 3,973 (2030).

Central command and the Military Council for Change are located in a former royal palace site, on the outskirts of the capital city. Two Maritime stations command the seas to the North and South of the Island; each Maritime station houses a platoon level comacchio compliment of marines who perform point defense roles, trained by NATO advisers over the last 5 years.

The remaining 4 platoons of marines are ship based and support anti-piracy operations when they are not practicing beach assaults.

The ADF Air Wing boast a variety of re-badged British, American, French and Israeli aircraft purchased over the last 30 years. Each squadron has a defensive mobile infantry platoon for airhead security.

The land force of the ADF, is the largest of the three military elements; it consists of 4 regiments with specialised roles. 


Fighting formations

A number of direct loans by NATO countries and the selling off to the Republic of surplus and outdated kit has allowed the defense force to maintain a relatively modern armory; with some cutting edge equipment in use by specialist units within the Armed Forces.

The standard combat rifle of the ADF Infantry and Mechanised Infantry, that form the backbone of the 1st and 2nd regiments, is the HK416 A5. Specialist units, including 1 Commando and the SDC use a wider variety of firearms dependent on the operation parameters.

A typical platoon formation of 28, consists of a command element of 4 supported by 3, 8 man, rifle sections; each rifle section carries into battle:

4 Soldat 1er Classe armed with HK416 A5 Assault Rifles.

1 Caporal armed with HK416 A5 Assault Rifles, with AG36 40mm launcher.

1 Soldat 2eme Classe armed with HK416 A5 Assault Rifles, with AG36 40mm launcher..

1 Designated Marksman with a HK 417 Battle Rifle for versatility.

1 Section support gunner armed with a FN Minimi PSW.

2 AT4 CS Pre-loaded Anti-tank weapons.

Each platoon will be commanded element consists of:

1 Lieutenant or Sous-Lieutenant armed with an HK416.

1 Signalman armed with an HK416 A5. 

1 Soldat 1er Classe designated platoon runner armed with an HK416 A5.

1 Sergent armed with an HK416 A5, with an AG36 40mm launcher.

Companies within the ADF consist of a minimum of 3 platoons under the command of a Capitaine or Commandante; 1 Commando is however a notable exception, formed of 6 platoons under the command of a Colonel.

Technical and specialist platoons have headcounts of between 24 and 40. 

In the armored infantry companies are formed of 4 platoons each consisting of a command vehicle and 3 fighting sections in armored personnel vehicles.

Ranks of the Anthalonican Defense Force

Rank Structure and TRF's of the ADF and Republican Gendarme

ADF Rifle Platoon

ADF Rifle Platoon Arms

ADF Commando platoon

ADF Commando Platoon Arms

1st Regiment: Light, foot mobile infantry with specialist training to operate in the jungle and mountainous regions of the Island. The Special Duties Company; falls under the purview of the 1st regiment and contains 4 platoon strength units of CQB and FIBUA trained troops.

2nd Regiment: Armoured Infantry; heavy tank company and fire support company with specialist urban, FIBUA and low land training.

3rd Regiment: Engineering and Infrastructure regiment, the men and women of the 3rd have worked closely with International Development charities and UN specialists to clear land mines and restore farm land to use.

4th Regiment: Support and adjutant functions including quarter masters, MP's and coms.

Military Intelligence: A mysterious unit often at the heart of rumours and conjecture; the interrogators of MI and the bogeymen used by parents to scare unruly children.  

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