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Royal Marines VBSS Team 6 (Metal cast)

Royal Marines VBSS Team 6 (Metal cast)

£17.00 Regular Price
£13.60Sale Price

This is a six-man team of metal cast figures from our Warfighter range. The figures are, attached to their heads, but they are designed and scaled to be compatible with our head swap packs and those of other leading 28mm brands.


The figures depict British Royals Marines Commando, Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) team.This elite cadre of Royal Marines operate as the tip of the spear for flotilla based Royal Marines. The inspiration for these figures are the men of Juliet company of 4 3 Commando who J provides boarding teams for various maritime interdiction operations (MIOPs) including counter piracy and counter narcotics operations.

Sculpted in drysuits, tactical life preservers and armed with C8 carbine the figures boast incredible details sculpted by the talented Anton Ducrot.


Carefully designed in conjunction with input from serving Royal Marines, the set features four marines equipped with C8 carbine variants who are sculpted to be tabled in cqb pairs. There is a fith figure in the team equipped as a ship based Method of Entry (MOE) specialist; he has a theral lance for breaching sealed bulkheads and/or containers. The last figure in the set is an evidence gatherer, unlike the rest of the team he is in standard Future Commando Force Cryesque kit rather than a dry suit.


*Please note that the models will be provided unpainted, some assembly may be required.

**Please also note that these chaps carry kit consistent with that in use within other British naval special forces units, including the SBS as well as units from allied forces including the Canadian Navy and Dutch Marine corps.

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