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Reconnaissance Pathfinder team with CAS JTAC (7 metal cast)

Reconnaissance Pathfinder team with CAS JTAC (7 metal cast)

£16.00 Regular Price
£12.80Sale Price

A sneaky beaky team of British special forces and SFSG; this 7 person team is ready for close target reconnaissance; force reconnaissance and proactive patrol operations.


Modelled on kit used by members of a number of elite British Army units, from the SRR, SAS and SBS through to the Royal Marines Shore Recon Group, the Pathfinder platoon and the RAF regiment.


The team consists of a two-man sniper team; a JTAC and four operators. The team predominantly are armed with variants of the C8 Diemaco, but also has a marksman with an L129A2 as well as the L115A4 equipped human bushes.


All of the figures are metal cast and supplied unpainted. The figures are, attached to their heads, but they are designed and scaled to be compatible with our head swap packs and those of other leading 28mm brands.


*Please note that the models will be provided unpainted, some assembly may be required.

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