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LRRP Vietnam 28mm Metal Cast (5 figures)

LRRP Vietnam 28mm Metal Cast (5 figures)

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A limited-edition team of Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP or LURP) special forces.


Throughout the Vietnam war, the LRRP carried out, predominantly specialist operations in contested and hostile territory. 

Descendents of the ww2 6th Army's Alamo scouts the 101st Airborne created and deployed an LRRP platoon in 1965 to conduct close target reconnaissance (CTR); targeted actions and combat patrol operations.

Designed to 'out guerilla the guerilla' tactics of the Viet kong the LRRP developed a reputation as an infamous fighting force.


This five-person team of metal cast figures from our Warfighter range can be used to represent any non-conventional US forces in Vietnam. The figures are, attached to their heads, but they are designed and scaled to be compatible with our head swap packs and those of other leading 28mm brands.


The figures depict LRRP and are equipped in a mixture of native and US kit; a variety of weapons are being used by the team, including M16 A1, M14, AK 47 and an M60 GPMG.  Sculpted by the talented Anton Ducrot these figures would be a treat for any tabletop.


*Please note that the models will be provided unpainted, some assembly may be required.

**Please also note that these chaps carry kit consistent with that in use within other US and comonwealth specialist units in Vietnam.


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