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IDF Commandos, Israeli Sayeret (8) Metal cast

IDF Commandos, Israeli Sayeret (8) Metal cast

£23.00 Regular Price
£18.40Sale Price

Here is the opportunity to purchase 8 metal cast Israeli Commando figures from our Warfighter Miniatures range. 


The figures depict two 4 person fire teams, equipped for CQB and FIBUA operations respectively; each has been carefully designed and sculpted after input from current and former members of the Sayeret and Lotar.


Team 1 is a 4 person group of operators in Agilite kit, equipped with K19 plate carriers and a mixture of Ops core and Air frame helmets there are: two commandos armed with IWI Arad carbines; one with an Arad and an underslung grenade launcher ready to deploy Spear UAV's and to provide the team with eyes in the sky; and one marksman armed with an SR-25 DM rifle. One of the team members is even deploying the SMASH targeting system on their Arad for precision aiming in highly populated areas.


Team two has a point man equipped with an Uzi, a support gunner with an IMI Negev and two commandos with IWI and Tavor X95 respectively. Ready for cqb operations team two, sport many toys and tricks from the IDF boffins,  including Agilite AMAP backpacks and Mepro Mor Pro 4 in one reflex sights.


*Please note that the models will be provided unpainted, some assembly may be required.



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