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'Into the Jungle' -MAC-V-SOG  and Hunters (28mm) 23 figures

'Into the Jungle' -MAC-V-SOG and Hunters (28mm) 23 figures

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This set offers the ultimate battlefield selection for Vietnam-era wargaming. In the Vietnam war asymmetric warfare, combined with inhospitable environments presented a number of challenges to forces like the US Green Army and Big Navy.

Western forces habituated with rolling countryside, temperate warfare and urban warfare found themselves pushed, pulled and stretched by the challenges presented by the jungle warfare environment.


Almost 10 years into the conflict a new combined force was born; the MAC-V-SOG would seek to change the direction of the war by forming the tip of the spear. A combined force of Navy Seals, Army Special Forces, USAF personnel and CIA made up the core of the force.


Using both tried and tested kit reliable in most conditions like the British sten, alongside techniques learnt from indigenous allies the MAG V SOG would penetrate deep into hostile controlled areas conducting a variety of operations including: humint reconnaissance; rescue operations; sabotage missions and, direct action.


This boxed set includes 13 MAC V SOG, including our nod to John Stryker Meyer. The set also includes 5 Vietcong hunter forces made up of Dac Cong trackers; and, 5 mission objective figures in the form of captured and/or fugitive airmen.


Beautifully crafted by Anton from Flytrap Factory, with exceptional detail these figures come unpainted.

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