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AIF 'freedom fighter' rebel forces (6 metal cast)

AIF 'freedom fighter' rebel forces (6 metal cast)

£13.50 Regular Price
£8.10Sale Price

A set of 5 'freedom fighter' figures wearing mixed, salvaged kit; with a western advisor.


The figures could be used to represent members of the rebel AIF faction on the island of Anthalonica, or they could form part of the 'International Brigade'; a hotch-potch force of volunteer fighters from around the world, drawn into the conflict through a desire to 'fight the good fight'.


The team predominantly is armed with variants of the AK-107 (recoilless assault rifle), pilfered from stores of the former Anthalonica Gendarmerie. Two of the team members are armed with Sig MCX Spear variants.


*Please note that the models will be provided unpainted, some assembly may be required.


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