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28mm Israeli Yamam Support Alpha (Metal cast)

28mm Israeli Yamam Support Alpha (Metal cast)

£6.50 Regular Price
£5.20Sale Price

A two man set of metal cast figures from our Warfighter range, the Yamam Support set features Levi and Ari.


Levi is levelling a Glock 22 handgun and charging into the fray with his ballistic shield at the ready; he has an IWI Arad rifle on a single point sling.

Ari is a MOE (Method of Entry) specialist, with a penchant for explosive solutions to problems, he is sculpted deploying a Camaro Xavier x-ray device; designed to identify and track peoples movement, through walls and up to 15ft away. His main weapon is an IWI Micro Tavor carbine.

The figures are, attached to their heads, but they are designed and scaled to be compatible with our head swap packs and those of other leading 28mm brands.


*Please note that the models will be provided unpainted, some assembly may be required.


**Please also note that these chaps carry kit consistent with that in use with: the Israeli, Ukranian and Indian special forces units. 


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