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The once sleepy island nation of Anthalonica, formerly the Kingdom of Anthalonica; has been rocked by the Civil War, unrest, and violence in recent years following the destabilization of the global financial markets and devaluation of its two largest exports, Crude Oil and Olives.

The Island measures approximately 1800 Sq mi and has a current population of 1,182,372 (2030); the main languages spoken are French and Arabic.

Increases in global temperatures have rendered the growing of olives a common global occurrence, while the effectual stockpiling and overproduction of oil back in 2020 reduced the cost per barrel to less than the equivalent weight in milk. In 2020, following a global virus pandemic the isolationist nation fell into a deep recession. 

The nightclubs and casinos, once playthings of the rich and famous became dormant overnight and the elements of the security forces turned on the Prince and his family, executing those they could find. The Civil War that ensued, raged for 6 years, leaving thousands dead, tens of thousands displaced and the off-shore drilling rigs crippled.

Out of the chaos, under the terms of the supervised Treaty of Valletta, the Anthalonican Republic arose. The Republic is governed by the Military Council for Change and at present, 5 years after the fighting officially ended, the MCC receives aid and training from Nato countries and the Israeli Expeditionary and Development Force. The island nation's strategic location above Egyptian Peninsular makes it a key recipient of international aid. 



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Anthalonican Republic

The Anthalonican Republic rose out of the un-civil, civil war. The Republic replaced the deposed monarchy and under the leadership of the Military Council for Change (MCC) administers the island.

The Anthalonican Defense Forces have received aid, training and support from Nato forces and the IEDF; with both seeking to secure stability in the Mediterranean region.


Anthalonican Independence Front (AIF)

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) 

United Nations Mission (UNMIA)


Israeli Expeditionary and Development Force (IEDF)

The Key Dates


1237 – The castle at Ekdíkisi is built by the Knights of St John on the Island of Anthalonica.

1538 –The Island is claimed by the French Crown as sovereign territory.

1799 –Following the fall of the French Monarch a distant cousin of the king, fleeing the guillotine proclaims himself Prince of Anthalonica.

1940 –Nazi agents establish radar detection stations and a U-boat refueling depot on the North-Western coast of the Island.

1943 –A British and Free French Commando raid sees the island liberated.

1943 –The Prince (Phillipe VIII), offers citizenship and land to the men who helped to liberate the island; they form the backbone of the islands Gendarmerie and Security Force.

1952 –British Petroleum discovers and wins the drilling contract for offshore oil platforms in Anthalonican sovereign waters. Overnight the country becomes the 3 richest per head in Europe.

1964 –The Island's southern beaches are named the ‘Must Visit’ destination by Time Magazine.

1965 –The eldest son of Phillipe VIII; Charles is killed in an IRA terrorist attack in Northern Ireland along with his godfather Louis Mountbatten (1st Earl of Burma).

1984 –Prince Phillipe dies and is succeeded by his youngest son Francis, a shrewd businessman.

2001 –After the September 11th attacks; Francis signs a security accord with the USA allowing the use of the Castle of Ekdíkisi for the rendition of prisoners.

2004 –In exchange for the ability to use the Northern reefs for dive training, the Israeli government agrees to establish an officer training program with the Anthalonican Security Forces.

2009 –Following the world banking crisis the Greek economy collapses, Anthalonica becomes the world's largest exporter of olives.

2012 –Anthalonica features on a British television dating program under the pseudonym of “the Isle of Fernando”

2016 –Prince Francis dies when his private helicopter crashes of the south coast with all hands aboard; 20-year-old Claude is announced as the new leader of Anthalonica.

          –Claude sets up a ‘party zone’ consisting of 6 nightclubs, 4 casinos ,and 3 brothels in the ‘new town’ at Anthalonica; his liberal views on prostitution, drugs ,and alcohol cause rifts in the local island population.

2017 –Claude raises taxes so the locals can buy him a super-yacht for his birthday.

•2018 –Claude renames the historic town of Campos, Severine in honor of his latest girlfriend and high fashion model Severine De Beaux-cul.

•2019 –Claude ends the security accord with the USA; he sells the secure  compounds under the castle to the Crow Group.


2020 to Present


10th July, the people of Anthalonica petition Claude for support as food shortages hit the island, the nation's economic focus on oil, parties ,and olives has left limited instances of traditional farming.

1st August, protests break out in towns across the nation; riots develop as monarchists take to the street in support of Claude… he means well…

2nd August, the Gendarme are ordered to stay at home and the security forces are deployed to disperse protestors; live ammunition is used and 2 citizens and 5 security troops are critically injured.

5th August, on the advice of his ministers Claude passes emergency laws banning the wearing of hats and headscarves in public; this is to enable the security forces to identify agitators.

6th August, leaders from the orthodox Christian and Muslim communities on the island lead peaceful marches, converging in the market place in the capital city, Ekdíkisi.

   The Prince, it appears has flown to Cyprus to attend a party; the 6000 protestors announce a sit-in and settle to wait for the Prince to return.

7th August, at 2 am the protesters are showered by tear gas; troops humiliate publicly and then execute both Imam Sharif and Bishop Constantinos.

20th August, the Anthalonican Republican Front announces its inception; a call to arms is issued to depose the Prince.

25th August, the Prince and Severine De Beaux-cul are killed by members of the Prince's personal guard.

      General L’Eclerc of the 1st Infantry Division announces that he is initiating a military coup; Directeur De Molay of the Gendarmerie announces the Gendarme will resist any coup attempts.

26th August, monarchists call for the last heir to the throne, Camille to return from her studies at the Sorbonne to run the country; violent clashes develop across the Island nation as a bomb attack on the headquarters of the Gendarmerie kills 400, instantly neutering the nations policing power.

     2021-2025 Limited records available.

• 2025 –The United Nations established the UNMIA on the North of the Island to limit ‘acts of genocide’ some western media outlets have been reporting. NATO forces, spearheaded by French and British taskforces deploy to help the fledgling Military Council for Change prepare for a democratic transition of power. 

5th September 2026 the peace accord, the Treaty of Valletta is signed in Malta; it calls for a 5 year period of power transition from the MCC to a Republican government.  

10th August 2031 the transition period is almost complete and the NATO forces are withdrawing in preparation; tensions are beginning to mount in the run-up to the proposed elections at the end of August. The Anthalonican Independence Front have been waging an insurgent campaign against the MCC for the last 5 years and their strength is growing amidst concerns that the MCC will refuse to tender control to the people.


Some are calling for Camille to be brought back to the island to lead a new, constitutional monarchy...  



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