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CJTF Operation Poseidon set (11 28mm metal cast figures +patch)

CJTF Operation Poseidon set (11 28mm metal cast figures +patch)

£27.00 Regular Price
£21.60Sale Price

The Operation Poseidon JTF boxed set includes units from some of the top tier forces within NATO; as well as a team of the ADF special forces that NATO are mentoring.

The set of 11 metal cast figures includes:

4 US Marine Raiders with the new Sig Sauer next gen infantry combat arms.

A 1ere RIPMa (French SAS) sniper team

A Royal Marines Commando JTAC

4 Anthalonican Defense force, special forces operatives...

And a unit Patch for the CJTF.

Scenarios are coming, but the NATO taskforce was established on the Island of Anthalonica for two reasons.

1. To mentor the indigenous Military, in particular the Tier 1 Special Duties Company.

2. To provide a strong deterrent to the pirates that operated in the southern med, harassing shipping lines, following the first civil war.

If you would like some Opfor, do check out our rather snazzy pirates. All figures sold unpainted, some assembly may be required.

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