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28mm National Crime Agency (NCA) Officers -Agents (Metal cast)

28mm National Crime Agency (NCA) Officers -Agents (Metal cast)

£12.00 Regular Price
£9.60Sale Price

Here is the opportunity to purchase a four person team of metal cast figures from our Bluelight Miniatures range. The figures are, unlike many of the other Bluelight Police Officers attached to their heads, but they are designed and scaled to be compatible with our headswap packs and those of other leading 28mm brands.


The figures depict NCA  (Undercover) Armed Police officers and boast incredible details, sculpted by the talented Anton Ducrot.


The set is split into a team of two MP5a3 armed officers, one officer with a Glock 17m and one in the process of deploying a m X26 taser. Selected from the national forces, the NCA is made up of seasoned police officers on secondment. The National Crime Agency, operate accross all UK&NI jurisdictions and specialise in tackling serious and organised crime.


The officers are depicted wearing the windbreakers synonimous with law enforcement globally... and at least two of them have hastily pulled their windbreakers on over their tops.


If you want to stage an undercover operation; to roll up a smuggling ring or to act as close protection, this team would fit the bill nicely!


*Please note that the models will be provided unpainted, some assembly may be required.

**Please also note that these chaps carry kit consistent with that in use with: the National Crime Agency; American Federal Agency's and  many international Police Services. 


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